Regular courses

fMRI: Hands-On Training (PSY 5065)

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Course goals
By the end of the semester, students will:
- be comfortable with the hardware and software in the MR environment.
- be acquainted with the fundamental physical principles behind MRI
- understand the possible types of image contrast, and their uses in neuroscience
- be adept at modifying pulse sequence parameters to balance the inevitable trade-offs between signal-to-noise ratio, resolution and acquisition time.
- know how to modify an experimental protocol to minimize the impact of distortion and signal loss due to magnetic field inhomogeneities.

Introduction to Sensation and Perception (PSY 3031)

We flipped the classroom! Students watch recorded lecture segments online, then meet once a week for hands-on demo and discussion of applications of the material to real life. screenshot of Moodle2 site.

Functional Imaging of Visual Processes (PSY 5993-027)

Directed studies in fMRI methods. Students participate in a retinotopic mapping experiment, and analyze their own data, then proceed to assist in behavioral and/or fMRI data collection for projects on-going in the lab.

Other Courses Developed

Hands-on Training portion of 2007 Minnesota High-Field Workshops.

fMRI: Biological Basis and Experimental Design (Psy 8960, Spring 2005 & 2006)

Course websites: lecture-based (2005), discussion-based (2006).

Course content was evenly divided between three topics:
- the rudiments of MRI techniques, with particular emphasis on artifacts in EPI
- the biological basis of the fMRI signal, discussing the underlying neuroscience and vascular physiology
- the fundamentals of experiment design and data analysis.

Advanced Physics of MRI (BPhy 8147 / Psy 8960, Fall 2005)

Course website:

Course description: NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) and MRI physics, spatial selection and encoding, imaging hardware and system engineering. Imaging sequences, associated contrast/resolution. NMR spectroscopy with an emphasis on in vivo. Recent developments in MRI.






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