The pampered life.

Catching up on some reading Taz, Taz.


Waiting out the spring rains ... Taz, snow-taz.

My 15th Birthday !!!!

The sweater Lynda knit me! Check me out ... I match the kitty! All I need now is a tail ... Taz, sweater. Taz, sweater, kitty. Taz, sweater. Taz, bone. Grandmom sent me a bone and a new kong ... I also got a squeeky foot that I love to step on and sometimes chew, a squirrel that I sometimes carry out to the porch with me to keep me company and a football I can play tug with when I'm feeling frisky!

Summertime ...

A cool, slow start to summer meant lots of reading time up at the cabin and snoozing on the porch Dave, Taz reading. Taz snoozing.


And the Vet wonders why I have high cholesterol ... Taz Whippet.

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