Moving in.

Taz, front door. At first, I wasn't sure what had happened ...

Taz, living room. ... but then I soon realized that I had the place to myself. Ahhh ... assisted living!

Helping with the yardwork.

So what's next?                          Perhaps a short break in the shade ... Taz, backyard. 6 views of Taz..

Signs of Fall.

The neighbors in St. Paul seem a bit unusual ... but I love the scenery at the cabin! Taz, turkeys. Cabin driveway.. Pie baking.

Unfortunately, nobody appreciated my help with the apple pie ...

Settling in for winter.

I've got my bear ...                                   Where's your bed? Taz, bear. Taz, upstairs bed.

© 2009, C. A. Olman
date of last update: May 14, 2009