Projects listed here are still works in progress; see Publications for pdfs of completed projects. These are some snapshots of the things we currently find interesting. Click on icons for more details on each project.

Lab projects

Flanker Inhibition in V1

flanker stimuli for studying V1 inhibition Status: under review, Journal of Neurophysiology

A working model of primary visual cortex

V1 response to Kung Fu Panda Status: building momentum as Virtual V1sion

V1 response to aligned image elements

manipulation of alignment of elements of distracting flankers in a contour detection task Status: under review, Journal of Vision

ORBIT: Frontoparietal priority maps as biomarkers for mTBI

IPS maps Status: funded the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program, this project uses behavioral and high-field fMRI to test the hypothesis that visual motor defecits following mild to moderate TBI result from disruption of the brain's ability to communicate with the eyes.


PENS: Perceptual Endophenotypes in Schizophrenia

FAOT Status: funded by a VA Merit Grant to Scott Sponheim, this project uses computational models to link behavioral and neuroimaging data to hypotheses of visual network dysfunction in schizophrenia.

Distributed contrast in images

sample texture and V1 response Status: old interest in distributed contrast in images is being reborn as a collaboration on skew with Katja Doerschner





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